Captains & Chaplains

Each BB company, including 1st Bletchley, has a Captain and a Chaplain. The Captain leads the company and directs its vision whilst the Chaplain exists to provide pastoral and spiritual assistance. The Chaplain of 1st Bletchley has always been the Minister of Spurgeon Baptist Church.

Our current Captain is Mark Churchill and our current Chaplain is Mung Hatzaw.

Over the years, we’ve had a number of people in these important leadership positions.

Starting YearMinister/Chaplain
1926Rev Arthur Dalton
????Rev Donald Sutton
1932Rev Hugh Roberts
1936Rev Adam Reid
1943Rev Walter Richardson
1964Rev Stuart Armitage
1968Rev Paul Inness
1981Rev Robert Ellis
1989Rev Terry Horn
1998Rev Chris Bell
2017Rev Kevin White
2024Rev Mung Hatzaw
Starting YearCaptain
1926Fred Mead
1932Harry Cowley
1939Ronald Staniford
1970Bill Bond
1982Chris Pooley
1985John Bowler
1993Bill Bond
2001Mark Churchill